Sunbird cQube


Details out the revised technical architecture of cQube
cQube is envisioned as a ready-to-use / pre-packaged, configurable, and extendable DPG solution to enable observability and action towards effective policy implementation in education and other sectors, involving various stakeholders across govt, society, and private sectors.
The architecture of cQube has been revised to enable flexibility in configuration:
  • Spec-based architecture has been created for cQube Ed with API-first design
  • There are 5 blocks: Installation > Ingestion > Processing > Visualisation > Actions
  • All the blocks can be used individually and as an end-to-end solution by cQube adopters
The terminologies used in the architecture can be found here.
The design principles of cQube, according to the architecture, can be found here.
High-level architecture design is detailed out here.
Low-level architecture design is detailed out here.