Raising a PR

Title and Description

Clear and Concise Title: The PR title should be concise and describe the purpose or nature of the changes. It should be easy to understand at a glance. Detailed Description: Provide a detailed description of the problem your PR is solving or the feature it's introducing. Include any relevant context that will help reviewers understand the changes. Link Issues: If your PR addresses a specific issue, reference it by linking to the relevant GitHub issue.

Code Quality

Coding Standards: Follow the coding standards and style guidelines established for cQube. Consistency in coding style is crucial for maintainability. Testing: Ensure that your code is adequately tested. Write unit tests for new code and ensure existing tests pass. Describe the testing approach in your PR description.


Update Documentation: If your changes affect user documentation, update it accordingly. This includes README files, code comments, and any relevant documentation resources. Changelog: If your PR introduces user-facing changes, consider adding an entry to the changelog to inform users about the new features or changes.


Granular Commits: Break your changes into small, focused commits that represent logical units of work. Each commit should have a clear purpose. Commit Messages: Write clear and descriptive commit messages in the present tense. Summarize what the commit does and why.

Testing and Review

Self-Review: Before submitting the PR, review your own code changes to catch any obvious issues or oversights. Peer Review: Encourage peer review by tagging relevant team members or maintainers. Reviewers can provide valuable feedback and ensure code quality.

Continuous Integration

Ensure CI Passes: Make sure that all continuous integration checks, including tests and code quality checks, pass successfully.

Feedback and Collaboration

Respond to Feedback: Be responsive to feedback from reviewers. Address and discuss any suggested changes or concerns promptly. Collaborate: Collaborate with other contributors and maintainers to refine your code changes. Be open to suggestions and improvements.


Timely Updates: Keep your PR up to date with the latest changes from the main branch. Resolve any merge conflicts promptly.

Closing and Merging

Maintainer Responsibility: The final decision to merge a PR rests with the project maintainers. Once all checks are passed, a maintainer will review and merge the PR.

These guidelines will help maintain a high standard of code quality and collaboration within the cQube community. Always aim to make your contributions as clear and valuable as possible, ensuring that they align with the project's goals and coding standards.

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