Design Principles

cQube Ed is based on the following design principles:

  1. Solution: cQube is neither a tool nor a platform. It is a ready-to-use/pre-packaged, configurable, and extendable solution to enable observability and action towards effective policy implementation in education and other sectors, involving various stakeholders across govt, society, and private sectors.

  2. Education-specific: A pre-packaged solution of cQube for education, cQube Ed, comes with a set of predefined actionable indicators and insights which are specific to education. For eg: the metrics could be related to attendance, enrolment, assessments etc. The schema for data ingestion will also be defined for edu-specific indicators.

  3. Based in Indian Context: cQube is based in the Indian context, implying that the jurisdictions and hierarchies will be defined accordingly. For eg: The hierarchy for cQube Ed will be as follows - State > District > Block > Cluster > School > Class.

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