cQube - Release V 5.0.3

As part of cQube V 5.0.3, cQube can be installed on AWS, On Premise, And Oracle servers. UI Level Of Changes are successfully completed and flawless deployment ,data ingestion, Processing and Visualization are completed successfully. Here is the latest release branch: https://github.com/Sunbird-cQube/cqube-devops/tree/release-v5.0.3

Release Highlights

1. Installation on AWS, On Premise and Oracle: State deployer will be able to install on AWS , On Premise and Oracle.

2. Data Ingestion and processing: i. Splitted the cli commands to run the grammars & dimensions data separately ii. Added filter feature for a specific grammar n dimension data ingestion iii. Removed the Database clearing functionality iv. 95 % Code Coverage v. Unit Testing for ingestion -ms and spec-ms vi. Unit Testing for NIFI processor group vii. Unit Testing for adapters viii. Created Dimension API for creating dimension grammar & ingest dimension data

3. UI Architecture level and Functional level Changes i. Drill Down feature standardized across all reports ii. Map element standardized across all reports iii. Enabled adding Filters to the existing reports

4. Testing - E2E i. Functional testing of On Premise cQube Installation. ii. Functional testing of Spec , Ingestion , Dimension and Schedule API’s iii. Functional testing of Nifi processing for VSK , Teacher Attendance input data files. iv. Functional testing of Visualization - login , dashboard , all program wise dashboard functionality testing and resolutions with alignments testing activities.

Something exciting is coming in the next release. Stay tuned to know more!

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