Business case

Problem Statement

There are several challenges that government program owners face while leveraging technology for monitoring public programs:

  • Program administrators face challenges in defining actionable insights and relevant indicators for tracking

  • Data ingestion, processing & visualisation available as disaggregated products, not packaged into a solution

  • Governments are unable to hire expert technical staff (architects, engineers) to smartly leverage a combination of available products together for end-to-end monitoring

  • Governments have budget and digital infrastructure (server) limitations

cQube as a Solution

cQube offers two core differential value propositions for monitoring programs:

  • A domain-agnostic product packaging of ingestion, processing and visualisation layer in a manner that is:

    • Easy to deploy with minimal engineering staff

    • Lite deployment (minimal infrastructure requirements optimised to program needs)

    • Built for scale (to be scale tested with ~500k users)

    • Leverages reference schemas and spec-compliant API based implementation

    • Brownfield ready with modular components interoperable with existing systems

  • Domain-specific configuration layer allowing out-of-the-box contextualisation of indicators, insights, role based nudges and actions

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