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cQube - Release V 5.0.2

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05 May 2023
V 5.0.2


As part of cQube V 5.0.2, cQube can be installed on Oracle servers.
Data ingestion can also be successfully completed when the data is ingested without the documented errors.

Release Highlights

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    👨‍💻 Installation on Oracle: State deployer will be able to install on Oracle.
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    🔃 Data Ingestion: Data being ingested should be without the documented errors for successful data ingestion.

Release Features

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    A deployer is able to install cQube on Oracle - Steps for Installation​
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    A deployer is able to ingest data successfully post data correction - Common errors in ingestion​

Upcoming Release Features

The list of features for the upcoming releases can be accessed from this link. Any comments for suggestions are welcome in the attached document.