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05 May 2023

V 5.0.2


As part of cQube V 5.0.2, cQube can be installed on Oracle servers.

Data ingestion can also be successfully completed when the data is ingested without the documented errors.

Release Highlights

  1. 👨‍💻 Installation on Oracle: State deployer will be able to install on Oracle.

  2. 🔃 Data Ingestion: Data being ingested should be without the documented errors for successful data ingestion.

Release Features

  1. A deployer is able to install cQube on Oracle - Steps for Installation

  2. A deployer is able to ingest data successfully post data correction - Common errors in ingestion

Upcoming Release Features

The list of features for the upcoming releases can be accessed from this link. Any comments for suggestions are welcome in the attached document.

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