Get file status API

Here are the steps for the get file status API

Step 1: Open the specified request & add the details

API Endpoint: <domain_name>/ingestion/file-status

HTTP Method: GET

Step 2: Send the query parameters with reference to the YAML file. The query parameters for the above api is attached in Link for yaml: spec-ms/spec.yaml at dev ยท Sunbird-cQube/spec-ms

Provide the valid input details for the parameters shown below.

Step 3: Click on the send button for the request and if the request is successful the user should see a response message which contains the status of the file.

If the csv files are too large in size, the upload process of those files will take more time which will make users wait for longer duration to receive the response from the API. As a result, the upload process will be running asynchronously and we have developed this api to know the status of the file at any particular time.

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