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Checking pre existing ports

Make sure the following ports are not running. If running please stop the service or kill the port
Security Group Configuration:
  • Port 80 inbound from
  • Port 443 inbound from
  • Port 3005 inbound from
  • 5432 inbound to the particular ip which needs access
Kong Configurations: ( already configured using one step deployment )
  • 3000 will get routed to /api/ingestion
  • 3001 will get routed to /api/spec
  • 3002 will get routed to /api/queryBuilder
  • 3003 will get routed to /api/generator
  • 443 ( nginx is configured in cqube )
Note: we can check for the ports using the command sudo netstat -ntlp and can kill the particular port using its port id by command sudo kill -15 <PID>