Reporting a Bug

Describes the process of reporting a bug to the cQube Product Team

There is a bug if something for the user isn’t working as intended. The cQube Product Team will be responsible to fix the bug that has been reported in the DPG.

Communication Tool

All the bugs and need for support should be posted as issues on the cQube Community on GitHub - Link.

Reporting a Bug

A new issue should be created in the GitHub Community of cQube only if any similar issue doesn't already exist or has been resolved by the cQube Product Team. The reported issues for cQube can be seen here and the resolved issues can be seen here.

Process to report a bug:

  1. Go to the issues tab of cQube Community on Github -

  1. Click on 'New Issue'. Then select 'Get Started' in front of 'Bug report'.

  1. Detail out the bug that you are facing with a title, description, steps to reproduce, expected behaviour, relevant screenshots and desktop / mobile configurations.

  1. Attach relevant label(s) to the bug being reported.

  1. Click on 'Submit new issue'.

Response from the cQube Product Team

The cQube Product Team will respond within 2-3 working days post the issue has been submitted with a timeline by when the bug can be fixed. It will be included in the cQube roadmap. The adopter who has raised the issue will be able to track the bug on a JIRA ticket.

Ideally, P0 bugs will be prioritised and taken up in the ongoing sprint and P1 bugs will be taken up in the next sprint based on when the issue is reported.

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