Adding an individual user

Step 1 : Post configuring Keycloak as explained here, navigate to the Users tab.

Step 2 : Click on the add User button.

Step 3 : Enter the username for the user being created and save.

Step 4 : Once the user is created, navigate to the Credentials tab and enter the required password. Turn off the temporary password option and click on 'Set Password'.

Step 5: Navigate to the Role-Mapping, under Realm-roles select private_user and click on β€˜Add selected’ button. This will assign the private_user role to the created user.

βœ… The required user has been added successfully!

Steps to manually enable the flag to store Role-Info

Step 1 : Navigate client scopes on the left hand navigation.

Step 2 : Select roles under the client scopes in the table.

Step 3 : Navigate to the Mappers tab on the top and select realm roles.

Step 4 : Toggle Add to UserInfo button and save.

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