Deployment & ingestion related issues & their solutions

Deployment Issues

  • Process lock issue

When starting the deployment we might face an issue which states β€œWaiting for cache

Lock: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend”


Check for the process which is using sudo and stop the process using process id or wait till the sudo gets de-locked and restart the deployment process

  • Redeployment of dashboard-ms

sudo docker stop dashboard_app

sudo docker rm dashboard_app

sudo docker dashboard_ms:1

cd cqube-devops/microservices/dashboard-ms

sudo git pull sudo docker build -t dashboard_ms:1 .

sudo docker run -d -p 4200:80 --network cqube_net --name

dashboard_app dashboard_ms:1

  • Redeployment of Querybuilder-ms

sudo docker stop querybuilder_app

sudo docker rm querybuilder_app

sudo docker querybuilder_ms:1


sudo git pull

sudo docker build -t querybuilder_ms:1

sudo docker run -d -p 3002:3002 --network cqube_net --name querybuilder_app


  • Port in use error while running docker-compose

If this error arises, please check for the port which is affecting the deployment and kill the the port using the port ID.

sudo netstat -ntlp | grep <PORT>

sudo kill -15 <PID>

Once the port is killed follow the installation script.

  • Single Master of Districts, Blocks, Clusters, and Schools:

To enable decentralized observability, a single master file should be created for each jurisdiction (district, block, cluster, and school) with a unique ID and name.

Both state and national programs on cQube will reference these masters.

Any discrepancy in the master data will result in unsuccessful data ingestion.

  • Individual Values for Grade, Subject, and Medium:

Grade, subject, and medium data should have individual values in separate rows, instead of being stored as arrays.

Each subject should have a unique ID, and different subjects should be in different rows.

  • Change in Column Name for NISHTHA Program:

In the file for the NISHTHA program, the first "State" column (Column B) should be renamed to "State Name_Correct" to avoid duplication.

  • No Quotes in the Data:

Quotes, whether single (') or double (β€œ), should not be present in the data being ingested.

  • Numerical Values instead of Strings:

Certain files (,, should use numerical values (1 and 0) instead of strings (Yes and No) in relevant columns.

  • No Commas in Large Numerical Values:

Large numerical values in CSVs should not have commas (,) in between the digits.

These guidelines ensure data consistency, proper formatting, and accurate ingestion in the cQube system.

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