cQube on Gitpod

Developers can try out cQube installation and ingestion on Gitpod.

  1. Login to your github account.

  2. Open sunbird cqube-devops repository and fork the repo into your personal github

  3. Checkout to gitpod-branch

  4. Update readme.md file as follows

Replace <github_username> with your actual github username


  • By default JH is selected as a state code.

  • If you want to change the state code, you can navigate to cqube-devops/config_files/config.yml

  • Change the state code and commit the changes.

  1. Commit the changes.

  2. Click on Open in Gitpod

  3. If you are a new user to gitpod, complete the signup process

  4. Once the registration is done then the configuration page gets displayed. Click on continue

  1. Automatically it sets a VM and start the cqube deployment.

  2. Once the config file is generated, type no and hit enter

  1. Select the default config file by typing no

  1. Wait unit the installation is done.

  2. Once installation is completed, you will be able to see the url to access the dashboard

  1. Access the dashboard using the url in your browser.

  1. Use keycloak credentials from config.yml file to login

  1. Follow the ingestion and processing steps to ingest the data. Once done you will be able to see the data in the dashboard.

Cqube deployment in gitpod video link:


Ingestion and processing video link:


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