cQube - Release V 5.0.5

We are excited to announce the release of cQube version 5.0.5, a major milestone in our journey to make data-driven decision-making more accessible and user-friendly. In this release, we have introduced several significant enhancements such as role-based access control, streamlined installation, and a powerful Admin Panel. Let's dive into the details of what's new in cQube 5.0.5:


As part of cQube V 5.0.5, cQube provides you with more flexibility in choosing your deployment strategy. For those who prefer the self-hosted approach, you can find the latest release branch on our GitHub Repository.

Simplified Starter Pack Set Up

Data Integration cQube now supports the ability to pull data from the NVSK instance into your state's VSK instance. Please note that this feature is contingent on the status of the NVSK instance. Currently, PM Poshan & UDISE are supported for automated data pull

Role-Based Access Control

Three Roles Supported With cQube 5.0.5, we introduce a role-based access control system. You can now define user roles through Keycloak, including:

Public: Users with public access can view designated dashboards. Private: Users with private access can access restricted dashboards. Admin: Administrators have full control over user roles and permissions.

Dashboard Access Control

As an additional feature, users now have the ability to specify whether a dashboard should have public or private access. This gives you more control over who can view and interact with your dashboards.

Easy Installation

One-Step Installation Installing cQube has never been easier. Our one-step installation process streamlines the setup for starter pack and otherwise for all users.

Feedback Mechanism We've implemented an extensive feedback mechanism to assist developers during the installation process. This mechanism helps identify and resolve issues quickly, ensuring a smooth installation experience.

Installation Checklist To make your installation journey even smoother, we provide a checklist that guides you through the installation steps, ensuring that you don't miss any critical configurations.

Admin Panel

Monitor and Manage Infrastructure cQube 5.0.5 introduces a pre-packaged Admin Panel that empowers administrators with the following capabilities:

Infrastructure Monitoring Utilize Grafana dashboards to gain insights into your infrastructure's health and performance.

Data Debugging Data Debugger: Identify and troubleshoot errors in your data pipelines more effectively.

Schema Generation Schema Creator: Generate data schemas effortlessly, streamlining data management and reporting.

Data Pull

Data transfer from NVSK to VSK has been successfully implemented for three programs (NAS, PMPOSHAN, and UDISE), utilizing state_id as a criterion to segregate records on the NVSK server before their automatic ingestion into the VSK server. For this process to function correctly, the NVSK domain name must be specified during setup. It's crucial that the NVSK server is operational at the time of installation for the data transfer mechanism to activate; if the server is down, the data transfer process will not commence.

Share Your Ideas

We believe in continuous improvement, and your feedback is invaluable. We invite you to contribute your ideas and suggestions for enhancing cQube via our GitHub Discussions. Your input will play a vital role in shaping our roadmap.

Thank you for choosing cQube. We are committed to providing you with a powerful and user-friendly data analytics platform. We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in cQube 5.0.5. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need assistance with the new features.

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