Changing Program Name, Icon and Side Menu Sequence

The name of the programs, icons and sequence of the side menubar can be changed as explained below.

This can be changed in the menu configuration file present in the query-builder micro service (query-builder > menus.csv).

The users can change the menu sequence and program name in this file. They need to add the required details mentioned in the CSV to add a new program in the menu bar. If they add / change any icon for the menu, they need to upload the icon images into the following directory dashboard-ms > src > assets > images

The sample CSV filled is shown below:

Post making the changes, the user needs to redeploy the code again as explained below.

Steps for redeploying cQube UI post changes

Run the commands below in the given order to redeploy the menus.csv file changes for them to be reflected in the visualization layer:

sudo docker stop querybuilder_app

sudo docker rm querybuilder_app

sudo docker querybuilder_ms:1

cd cqube-devops/microservices/querybuilder-ms

sudo git pull

sudo docker build -t querybuilder_ms:1

sudo docker run -d -p 3002:3002 --network cqube_net --name querybuilder_app querybuilder_ms:1

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