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Admin Login Process

Admin user flow through VPN
Admin must follow the 2 factor authentication process to perform the admin tasks. The Admin user should connect to the VPN to avail the 2 factor authentication by following the steps mentioned below:
  • Admin has to secure the access OpenVPN access.
  • Admin has to download the google authenticator app to his phone and register the app with the QR code showing in the OpenVPN Access server page.
  • By providing the credentials & Google authenticator code to download the user-locked profile (client.ovpn) file.
  • Admin has to install the client openvpn-connect application
  • Admin has to create the OpenVPN profile from the client.ovpn file
  • Admin has to validate the user authentication and Google authenticator code to login to the cQube VPN.
  • With the successful authentication admin can access the cQube admin features by opening the local IP in the browser.