API to upload starter pack data files for NVSK programs

This focuses on ingestion of programs like UDISE, PGI, NISHTHA, DIKSHA, NAS, PM-POSHAN. The jwt token has to be passed in the API headers.

Note: There could be some common errors in the files which could lead to unsuccessful data ingestion into cQube. Look at these errors here and resolve them before ingesting data into cQube.

The already existing files will need to be ingested into cQube via the following process:

This API accepts the data in a zip file format and adds it to the emission folder in the respective cloud storage / SDC.

National Programs API:

Step 1:

Open the specified request & add the details

API Endpoint: <domain_name>/api/ingestion/national_programs

HTTP Method: GET

Step 2:

Provide the valid input details for the parameters shown below.

Step 3:

Click on the send button for the request and if the request is successful the user should see a response message which contains the status of the file.

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