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cQube - Release V 3.7

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Release Date
Release Version
20 July 2022
V 3.7
1. Objectives of the cQube release 3.7
cQube release version 3.7, This release includes
  • Configure the new datasource using configuration file.
  • Making the NIFI Processor group as generic and the visualization to be made as Single instance based which are reusable for the new Data Sources configuration.
2. Scope
cQube product release features and issues are described in this version 3.7. This document contains a short description of how new datasource can be configured using configuration.
3. Summary of the Product Features
This document contains information on the following new features and enhancements to the existing features of the cQube product:
  • configuration of the new datasource using configuration file.
  • Types of reports included
    • Map
    • LO Table.
4. Description of the Product Features